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TITLE: Lucky Fan Helps with Double BBW Phisting
Catalog No. DV-QPHB-0002

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What kind of a world is it when an ordinary guy can look at some women on a porn site one day&.and be fisting them the next day? Its the world of a DoggVision fan! Recently, I met a fan that Id been communicating with over the past year. He had never fingered a woman before. No bullshit. I cant make this stuff up, guys. When we started filming, he kept asking me what to do. I thought he was just asking because I was directing everyone  but he was asking because he had never played with the pussy before! Throughout this video, I gave him some pointers like: how to rub the G-spot, how to rub on the phat white ass, and how to rub on the throbbing kitty kat and clit&.but most importantly, how to phist that big fat pussy! :-) Queen Pin and Hunny Bunz have the huge thick white asses! They both have pale white skin, which looks very hot when contrasted against other complexions  especially the BBC complexion! This video starts out with both girls and their huge asses in the air face-down ass-up style. I put our fan at the end of the caboose where he can get a good shot of Hunny Bunz fat kitty! Our Lucky Fan rubs oil all over Hunny Bunz delicious ass and pussy, while Hunny Bunz does the same to Queen Pin, whose huge 66-inch ass is more than all up in her face. I tell our Lucky Fan and Hunny Bunz to use 1 finger on the person in front of them, then 2 fingers, then 3, then 4. Then we get all that bullshit obligatory fuckin around out of the way, I tell them to get all 5 fingers inside the other person. Its kind of a little game Ive invented. Its called The Love Train. Either that, or maybe The Love Centipede. You decide. Protection Status

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