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TITLE: House Slave Used as a Toilet
Catalog No. DV-QueenPin-PP-0003

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A House Slave is a special kind of person, if you can actually think of them as people. A sex slave by definition is a sub. On this particular occasion, Queen Pin was a perfect sub. She had a particularly hard time cleaning the bathroom the way she was instructed to do it. This pissed off her Master, Dogg.

The bathroom was perfect...spotless...except for 1 thing – a short, black pubic hair on the inside toilet bowl. Dogg has learned to check everything, as Queen loves cock and has been caught several times entertaining men in the house. Finding this pubic hair infuriates Dogg. This entices him to put Queen in the shower, close the shower door, and give her what she asked be punished.

The decision was made to relieve himself of the 6-pack of beer he had drank earlier. After having her hair, face, and shirt soaked real good, shes made to take a few swigs. "Drink it bitch! And you better not let a drop spill out!- Does this always work, not always. But its fun watching women try to do it. This drenching and drinking takes quite a few minutes....then Queen shows her true skills – sucking cock like a sex-crazed mad-woman. If thats not enough, she even sucks on my piss drenched toes. Ive said it before and I will say it again: I cant make this stuff up, brother.

One last thing: for my own amusement, I made her smear all of her makeup with my rock hard piss and spit drenched cock. This video does NOT disappoint. Collectors Item right here. You WILL NOT find this anywhere. Period.

(* Video contains swallowing/ extreme gagging.) Protection Status

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