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TITLE: I Accept Your Squirt Challenge
Catalog No. DV-QueenPin-SQ-0001

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SSBBW, Queen Pin, loves to talk smack while having sex, giving a blowjob, sucking on her subs tits, eating someones asshole, basically in any situation. This one time, she was talking smack that she wasnt satisfied after sex. So I took that as a threat to my manhood. I was like "What the hell?!-

Well....those werent really the words that came out of her mouth, but thats how I interpreted it. Fellas, and ladies, when you work your womans clit and work the G-spot and she doesnt squirt โ€“ keep working that shit til she does. Shes got it in her, dont let her fool you. And dont let her get away without giving you what you worked for โ€“ her climax!

This was my dilemma during the filming of this video. I never have problems with people that talk smack and brag about what they can do โ€“ as long as they can back it up....and that is exactly what Queen Pin is known for. But it was me this time who couldnt make Queen Pin squirt, who is known to be a HEAVY squirter (like a running water faucet). So there I was looking like a punk.

Negative. I started working that thick dildo for all it was worth, in and out as quickly as I could. It was all she could do to keep her breath. At the end, I achieved my goal. And Queen was a sloppy wet exhausted believer. Protection Status

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