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TITLE: Ex-Wife's CoWorker Bareback Ass Worship
Catalog No. DV-ExWCW-Rec-PC

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My ex-wifes coworker texted me that she had some old paperwork for my ex-wife, and could I pick it up and give it to her. We decided on a good time that I could run and grab the paperwork real quick, understand my surprise when I tell you that when she answered the door wearing nothing but a short nighty and some sexy ass bikini thongs. I thought to myself, "Self,....hell fuckin yea! Its about to go down!-

I wasted no time in getting all up on that healthy, thick booty! Staring at it, rubbing it, lusting after it. This ass NEVER disappoints. She let me follow her through the house, watching her delicious ass cheeks naturally sway those wide hips from side to side. This is one of those women that you follow around the grocery store trying to get just one good glimpse of that devilish walk of hers.

She let me play with her ass, while she was face down, ass up! Spreading it, smacking it, spreading her sexy pussy lips and opening her wet slit, watching the juices secrete. I even had to finger that sweet hole.....then taste it. Mmmmm......!

Ok, so then it was time to do that damn thing! But she wasnt ready just yet. Then it was time for her to get her groove on. She rubbed her vibrator on her hairless pussy while I rubbed my black cock head against her pale white clit, up and down. You get a good show of me grabbing and squeezing her fat tits, and pinching and rotating those long nipples!

She gave me a very nice blowjob, with her ass up in the air, and me getting a good show of it in the mirror across from me. Lastly, I spin her around and give her a good doggystyle fucking! Fast, slow, just right....enough to get her off several times. Hear her nasty while cumming....ask for more. This will be many of your "new- favorite video! Enjoy, my friends. Protection Status

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