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TITLE: Ex-Wife's Best Friend Seduces Me
Catalog No. DV-ExWifeBF-BB-0001-M

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Who is it for you? The lady at the checkout stand at the grocery? That sexy teller at your bank? Or maybe its a good friend of your moms (? thats hot). For me, it was my ex-wifes best friend. This is the woman who I wanted to fuck for a very long time, years....but it just wasnt an option.

After my divorce, I ran into her. I was like fuck yea! She had on a wedding band but told me she was separated. She asked me to come by and help her move an old oven into her garage. When I arrived, she had already texted for me to meet her in the back of the house, as I had been to her home on many occasions with my ex-wife. When I arrived and went to the back, there was music playing from her spare bedroom.

I walked into the room and she was buck naked on the bed in the doggstyle position with the radio playing, swerving her ass and hips to the music. Mind you – this was STILL my ex-wifes best friend at that time. I had to see what she was offering, so I stayed and scoped out what she was doing....seducing me. Her body is a fricken temple of sexual lava, oozing off of her like she sap from a tree. Makes you grab your cock and say "Damn!- just looking at her ass in the air. I wouldnt lie to you, brother. Protection Status

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